Boeken Joanika

‘Consciousness, are you looking for something too?’

‘Consciousness, are you looking for something too?’About Joanika Ring’s book ‘Consciousness, are you looking for something too?’

“Through her personal and penetrating story, the reader will get the opportunity, while reading the text, to find answers to questions which concern us all. Often there will be a recognition and an affirmation of that for which we ourselves don’t have found words yet. This book resembles the other works of art created by Joanika. It touches you, regardless. It’s unconventional and authentic. It’s written like no other book on this subject. It doens’t entertain many concepts, ideas and judgements. During the journey through the book you’ll have the freedom to see the whole at once, and then again to just look at a detail of the whole at large.

Reading the book attentively, you’ll be captured in the timelessness of the moment. It’s an intriguing and revealing journey back to the origin of what you are: Consciousness.”